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Holographic displays

We make complete holographic projection systems, in temporary or permanent format.

As an official RealFiction silver partner – through Holograma 3D, we offer a wide range of DREAMOC products, both for rent and purchase. These innovative products turn any presentation or conference into a lead magnet.

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Our equipment includes:

Holographic projection film

The holographic projection film is a technology based on an optical hologram effect called Pepper’s Ghost. The foil is invisible to the naked eye, and with the help of light effects, the projected image will come to life in front of the audience.

By using it, you can bring historical personalities, stars or animated characters to the stage of your event, with an extremely realistic result.


Dreamoc HD3.2 is a three-sided holographic device, inside which a 3D image of the product you want to present is formed.

The display is robust, easy to transport and, thanks to the “Plug & Play” technology, it can be mounted extremely easily, anywhere, anytime, without the need for specially trained personnel. Thus, Dreamoc HD3.2 is ideal for use in stores, malls or exhibitions.

Download the technical data sheet


The new Dreamoc POP3 is primarily addressed to the retail area, where the need to draw attention to the products is imperative. Being easy to install, with a reduced price and many more functionalities compared to its predecessors, Dreamoc POP3 is the perfect solution for maximum visibility.

Connect more Dreamoc POP3 devices and increase the surface of your holographic presentation!

Download the technical data sheet


The new Dreamoc XL5 is a large display device, being an ideal solution for retail focal points, hotel lobbies or reception areas. It is perfect for larger areas if you want to leave a memorable impression on passers-by.

It is also an excellent solution for events, such as fairs and trade shows, thanks to the three sides that are always visible and the stand that is easy to assemble.

Download the technical data sheet


Dreamoc XXL3 is the largest holographic display in its range, being the perfect choice for large exhibitions – in malls, at fairs, as well as at product launches and other events.

This 4-sided display is used by international agencies and brands during product presentations and launches.

Download the technical data sheet


Offering visibility through all its 4 sides, this is the largest mixed-reality system built so far, unique in Romania, specially created for events and brand activations in malls, at specialty fairs or in other locations with high customer traffic.

Thanks to its unique shape, from now on you can introduce even bigger products in the holographic projection area, allowing even more brands to use Dreamoc technology.

Download the technical data sheet


The DeepFrame system is a revolutionary augmented reality display, which unites the virtual world with the real one through real-time presentations of any size and at any distance, without the need to wear other VR devices.

DeepFrame intensifies experiences and entertainment beyond imagination and is perfect for museums, exhibition or commercial spaces. Use DeepFrame to provide an animated guide in your store and change the buying process, giving customers the opportunity to choose the color and characteristics of the targeted products in real time.

Download the DeepFrame Basic Kit data sheetDownload the DeepFrame One data sheet


Holographic fan systems are used successfully in multiple situations and industries. Holographic fan systems are used successfully in multiple situations and industries. Contact us to discuss the complexity of your project and suitable graphic solutions.

Download the technical data sheet

Did you like our equipment but want to see it implemented in a campaign?

Our clients have used the avant-garde marketing tools provided by Holograma 3D experts, turning any presentation or conference stand into a magnet for the public.

In the portfolio page you can find photo-video galleries and case studies, perfect to start your own campaign.

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