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Video projectors

We offer our clients a wide range of video projectors and projection screens. Our customized solutions are perfect for any type of event. We offer consulting and logistics services, so that our clients benefit from the right equipment regardless of the size or scope of the event they are organizing.

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Proietta video projectors

As the official distributor of Proietta, the leader on the outdoor video projector market, we offer our customers the newest models of devices and accessories dedicated to outdoor events.

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What makes your event stand out: video mapping

Videomapping technology (video projection and video cartography) is an innovative method by which any 3D object or surface can be transformed into an animated and interactive screen.

Large-scale video projections can be made on buildings or on stages, and at smaller sizes, this technique can be used to project static and dynamic images on any three-dimensional object.

Practical applications

Video projections have been used successfully in recent years as special marketing and presentation techniques:

  • in concerts,
  • performances and theatre,
  • interactive games
  • or even as a virtual and ephemeral decorative method.

With a large number of practical applications, your imagination is often the only limit!

Which product to choose?

To decide which video projection equipment is ideal for your event, we consider a wide range of factors such as:

  • the number of participants in the event,
  • the location of the event (indoor or outdoor),
  • lighting conditions
  • as well as what type of information the projection will contain (data, images, video exposure).

Depending on these factors, we will decide together the size and type of projector perfect for you. Also, our experts in video projection will help you decide which type of technology and equipment is best for the event you are organizing.

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