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We offer innovative services based on state-of-the-art technologies for a wide range of industries: from FMCG, health, telecom and technology, real estate to the automotive or music industries. Our solutions and our experienced experts have helped create flawless events that have captivated their audiences.


We offer our customers a wide range of professional video solutions, customized according to the needs of each event, including playback or live recordings, live transmissions via LED or LCD screens, video projections or dynamic presentations, so that every event is a success.

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We use high-performance sound equipment to ensure high-quality sound for any type of event held indoors (conferences, seminars, launches, exhibitions and fairs) or outdoors (sports events, concerts, festivals). We want to offer our customers an exceptional acoustic experience and we have the necessary experience to adapt our solutions according to the specifics and space intended for each event.

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We have extensive experience in the design and installation of rigging systems, the basis of every successful event. From conferences, seminars, exhibitions or fairs, corporate events to sports competitions and outdoor concerts, we offer high-performance scenography equipment, stages, podiums, screens, light adjustments and grids, decorations and technical support at height.

Our certified engineers, designers and technicians ensure the design, installation and dismantling of rigging systems in compliance with all applicable national and international regulations, legislation and safety rules. Moreover, the metal structures we use are built on versatile scaffolds that help us adapt to the needs of our customers, regardless of the profile of the event or whether it is organized indoors or outdoors.

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We cover a wide range of lighting equipment needs with a decorative or animation role, from projectors and LED spots, profile and tracking spots, strobes and blinders to smart moving-head equipment or those dedicated to laser effects.

We also offer architectural lights that can transform building facades or any interior space, lights in colors representative of the company, projection of logos and logos (static or moving) or entire light shows for concerts, parties, launches or dynamic events.

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Event management platform

We are the only representatives of the Meeting15 platform through which our clients can build and implement the most advanced events in both the real and virtual worlds.

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2D/3D animation

We offer holographic content design services at the highest standards. Our client portfolio includes top companies and profile leaders from Romania.

We also offer consulting services regarding the content of holographic presentations. With our help, your most daring ideas will come to life in front of the public.