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3D Holograma creates personalized experiences in any industry

Virtual and hybrid events have known an accelerated evolution during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. If before the year 2020, a hybrid event meant hosting people both in-person and virtually, via Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, to connect with other guests, today many companies from various fields are using advanced technologies – holographic projections, video display, etc.

Organizing events after the COVID-19 pandemic

In a 2021 survey among 8,227 marketing agencies worldwide, they estimated that in 2022:

  • 40% of their events will be virtual;
  • 35% will be hybrids;
  • and another 35% will be in-person.

The same study also shows that virtual events have increased by 35% since 2020, while hybrid and in-person ones have experienced a 32% decrease.

Widely used in magic shows in the 19th century, holographic projections are a modern technology based on an optical illusion. It is called “Pepper’s Ghost”; you can see it in concerts also (see the 2012 edition of the Coachella festival, where the organizers projected Tupac on stage with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog, and the examples can go on).

Here, at Holograma3D, we have come to meet the needs of the markets, the Romanian and abroad, and we have expanded our presence, including in the corporate area, not only in the creative one. The most recent collaborations include names like Orange, Publicis, Forbes, Wall Street, Business Review, Kaufland, Renault, etc.

Customers prefer unique events with integrated 3D technology

Event planners and marketing agencies want to provide clients with unique, memorable events while staying within a budget. If this seemed impossible during the pandemic and expensive post-pandemic, limiting their options, now they have more possibilities to integrate 3D technology into the brand experience.

These 9 years of experience have allowed us to understand the activity of each industry and meet their challenges with a wide range of high-performance video equipment, digital production services, and the latest 3D technologies. You can find our holographic projections, temporary or permanent, in an event dedicated to the launch of a product, in a showroom, conference, museum, or concert, and the examples can go on.

Alexandru Roibu, CEO Holograma 3D

Trends in organizing events with 3D Holograms

Hybrid and virtual events will continue to be an ideal option for organizers who want to support brand awareness, and at the same time, to avoid high costs, especially in the current socio-economic context. According to the Annual ICE Report, event spending will increase by 83% in 2023.

Another study carried out on the LinkedIn platform demonstrates that the virtual is a new reality, which brings undeniable benefits:

  • Risk of infection is reduced or eliminated;
  • Everyone has easier access because most virtual events are free or have lower fees;
  • The time allocated to the organization is less;
  • Self-paced engagement, because participants can access the content from any platform, at any time, when the situation allows;
  • Emphasis is on the brand experience through creativity, innovation, and originality;

According to AMEX Global Event Trends 2023, events with in-person attendees are blooming this year.

The top activities, which the participants want in the new year are:

  • Concerts in independent and local music venues: 85%
  • Music festivals: 81%
  • Cultural activities such as plays, ballet, and opera: 79%
  • Outdoor fitness (marathons, yoga, etc.): 68%

Innovation, the entire process of brainstorming with the client, and creativity are as important as ever because they make the difference between memorable brand experiences and ordinary ones. Do you know that according to the WHO, more than 5% of the world’s population has problems and is at risk of hearing loss? This number is continuously increasing. During our events, Holograma 3D takes this aspect into account, so that the experience of the final beneficiary is immersive but safe at the same time. Alexandru Roibu, CEO Holograma 3D

How can you integrate holograms into hybrid, virtual and in-person events

Integrating holograms into events is nothing new, but how you choose to do it adds value to your brand.

In these 9 years of activity, the products from the Dreamoc range have allowed us to offer unforgettable experiences.

From exhibitions to ceremonies, product launches, and conferences, including concerts, theatre, and cinema, all have benefited from our products: Dreamoc TM HD3, Dreamoc TM XL2, Dreamoc TM Scandinavia 360 XXL, Dreamoc TM Scandinavia 180 XXL, as well as the Dreamoc TM Play app.

Do you have an idea and want to organize an event that goes viral and changes attendees’ perceptions of your brand – for the better? We meet and discuss your needs. We have solutions for every detail related to holograms. You will meet an agile, experienced team that includes project managers, video editors, 2D, and 3D animators, engineers, technical profile specialists, lighting specialists, and network administrators.

Holograms in activations in the retail industry

Since 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, the integration of holograms in retail and the mixed reality experience show an increase internationally.

If you want the attention and interest of the participants for the product or to increase your sales, Dreamoc TM HD3 is the ideal hologram solution for product launches, exhibitions, stands, and islands in shopping malls, or fairs.

The product inside the Dreamoc HD3 is visible from 3 sides, and participants can observe it from different angles. You can add animations or create optical effects with lights. It has an integrated audio system, and you can forget about additional speakers or speakers.

Moreover, the interactive touchscreen creates a unique connection with guests, who have the opportunity to discover more details about your product and brand. Together we discuss every detail so that the immersive experience is unique.

If you want to create a 3D story around your product, with elements that are outside the displayed area, Dreamoc POP3 is what you need. Stores prefer it because they can introduce the consumer to a separate world where they can discover more details about their products.

Holograms in activations for fairs, shopping malls

Another version of the product exposure, this time with an elegant perspective, towards the luxury area, is the Dreamoc Diamond, which offers visibility through all 4 of its sides. It has the biggest mixed-reality system built so far, created for events and brand activations in shopping malls, trade fairs, or other locations with high customer traffic.

As the name, Dreamoc Diamond, suggests, the diamond shape allows the display of bigger(but also smaller) products, from luxury items – watches, and necklaces – to furniture or cars.

For a 360-degree audience interaction with the product, you can opt for the Dreamoc XXL3, whose plates are 7mm CrystallineTM optics. It is perfect for large spaces and for increasing brand awareness through original, modern, and creative presentations.

Another advantage of this product is the DreamocTM Play app, created to help marketing departments and agencies. Read more details here.

When you have space constraint issues and want the entire event to focus on retail, we offer you the Dreamoc XL4. You can place it in reception areas or hotel lobbies. It is easy to mount, and the product can be seen from 3 angles.

Holograms in concerts and live events

More and more organizers of concerts or art events choose to use holograms to arouse the participants’ curiosity.

All the details that complete an experience are considered, like the:

  • Number of participants in the event;
  • Room size;
  • Lighting conditions in the room where the event is held;
  • Type of screen required;
  • Types of information included in the projection (data, images, video exposure).

Video projection or video mapping is an innovative method by which any 3D object or surface can be transformed into an interactive animation. Likewise, you can opt for it in concerts, theater performances, video games, venue openings, etc.

Holograms in art: theater, museum, cinema

DeepFrame is the solution that meets the needs of theaters, museums, and cinemas due to its revolutionary screen, which combines mixed reality with virtual reality. It offers participants the opportunity to interact collectively with animations or even long-gone worlds. And all this without using VR glasses.

Organizers from the automotive and retail industries have successfully used DeepFrame. You will be surprised to see it in military mapping, where geographic information is crucial for various missions. Practically, many prefer to develop holographic maps, because it allows them to create strategies and even conduct scenarios in case of natural disasters or calamities.

Holograms in live conferences

During live conferences, holograms can interact with participants and answer questions. They also come with flexibility for the organizing team: the physical presence of the entire team is not required in the same location.

Holograms in the medical field

What would it be like to activate in the medical field and be able to study with the help of holograms?

Without VR glasses or headsets, students and doctors can visualize various holograms, including the body’s incredibly complex organs and systems – the brain, heart, liver, lungs, nerves, and muscles.

Holography is about to revolutionize medicine. It can be a tool for viewing patient data in training students and surgeons.

The students and doctors use this technology for pre-operative stages, dedicated to planning, but in the operating room, during the actual surgery.


If in the past years, holograms represented a fascinating option for different types of events, today they are a necessity, a solution that solves many needs related to time, budget, creativity, originality, and brand exposure.

What we experienced in these post-pandemic years was just the beginning, and from now on, we will integrate holograms into our lifestyles.